Goddess on Earth

Goddess on Earth

By Aura

Disclaimer:The characters of Aura, Eos, and Typhon belong to me. as for everyone else. they are the property of FoxKids. I'm not making any profit off of this story. It is just for fun. so enjoy. if you would like to use a character that belongs to me please ask. so I can keep track.

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"No, Mother I'm going."
"It will never work. They will find out."
"Cheiron knows me already. Mother, I want friends. I want a real life."
"Aura you ca....."
"Stop!! You two have been at this forever." The man's voice interupted the two arguing women.

Aura turned to see one of her older brothers.
"Typhon, would you like to escort me to the Academy?"
"Finally decided to break out huh sis?" Typhon looked at his mother, Eos.

"Mother she will be fine. Cheiron is a friend."
"Fine, Aura you can go. But if anyone finds out you are a goddess..... well you know what can happen. And don't do anything to upset your father."
"Father? Thats a laugh. I've hardly ever spoken to him. Zues is more of a father to me than Astraeus.."

Eos was angry at Aura already but this was beyond outrage.
"Zues is not your father. Astraeus is. And you had better start respecting your family."
"Good bye mother, I'll see you when I see you."
Typhon and the teenage-looking goddess walked out.


"Typhon I'd just like to walk if thats okay. I mean no poofing for right now." The two laughed.
"What you said about father. Did you mean it?"
Typhon had always been closer to Astraeus than Aura had. But, Afterall Zues had been Aura's teacher and friend for almost all her life. And Typhon and Astraeus hated him. They had been wared against him for as long as Aura has existed. She didn't know why. Nor did she care.

"I don't know Ty. I can count on one had how many times I've seen him. But he is my blood and nothing will change that. And for that reason alone I'm civil to him."
The two walked along in silence. Aura was excited to be leaving. It's not that she didn't love her mother. But on Mt. Olympus she was known as, first of all, Eos Goddess of the Dawn and secondly Goddess of pure annoyance.

"But Zues? Like a father?" Typhon never knew when to drop things.
"Typhon I don't want to talk about this with you any more than I did mother."
"Okay okay it's dropped. Now you don't look too much like a mortal wanderer. Lets get you suited up and ready to go."


Meanwhile at the Academy:

All the cadets wre sitting in the dinning room waiting to eat. Jason, Iolaus, Hercules and Lilith sat at a table talking about the test they had all just taken. A voice interupted them.
"Lilith could you come with me for a moment?" Cheiron asked.
"Yeah, um sure." Lilith followed Cheiron outside.

"Lilith I've just gotten news that a new cadet will be joining us before the end of the day." Cheiron said.
"And you want ME to show him around?" she asked surprised.
"Not him.... Her." Cheiron smiled.
"Another girl?" Lilith was stunned yet happy. She was getting a little tired of being the only girl. There are just some things you can't talk to guys about.

Lilith returned to the table and started eating. She looked up and noticed the three boys were looking at her.
"What?" She smiled.
"Don't play stupid with us missy. Who's the new guy and why do YOU get to show him around?" Iolaus asked a bit annoyed.
"Cheiron said I get to show the next new guy around."
"Oh poor baby Iolaus doesn't get to show the new cadet around." Jason said making a pouting face.
"But how can you show him around. You aren't even allowed in the boys restroom." Hercules laughed.
Lilith smiled "I get to show the new cadet around because YOU aren't allowed in the GIRLS restroom."
"Ohhhh" the three boys laughed.


"Aura you look fine. stop pulling at your skirt."
Typhon was trying to help Aura with the mortal act and look.

"Typhon my hair is so short...."
Her normaly purple hair went down to her knees, now it was brown and shoulder length. She now had a headband on holding most of it back off her face.
"So is my skirt."
She tugged at the short black leather skirt and scratched at the tight black leather pants.
"Just stop it already." Typhon said.
"Well I do like this top."
She looked down at the dark purple tube top.
"Although I'm not used to showing my stomach. But if you said I look fine then I guess I look fine."
"You look great. Lets go."
Typhon took his sisters hand and led her to the edge of the woods. She could see the academy.
"I hope I'm doing the right thing."
Aura hugged her brother.
"You'll be fine." He pushed her out of the woods and wispered. "Go make friends."


Aura walked through the doorway into the loud dinning hall. She looked around shyly before stepping farther in. Suddenly the room fell silent. She looked around, everyone was looking at her. She was so afraid but she knew if she acted like a shy little girl now, no one would take her seriously as a warrior.
"Yeah I'm new, Hi. Is there a problem? Thanks." She said trying to keep her voice even.

Then someone stood up and releived Aura of all those eyes.
"Hello, I'm Lilith. You can come sit here until Cheiron comes back." The small girl smiled.
Aura smiled back. She almost had tears in her grayish purple eyes.

She made her way through the staring cadets to the table where Lilith was standing. Lilith grabbed Aura's arm in a friendly greeting. Then she turned to the table. The three friends stood. Lilith introduced them.
"This is Jason. Crowned prince of Corenth." Aura nodded
"Nice to meet you. I am Aura."
"And this is Iolaus." Lilith waved toward the wavey haired boy standing beside Jason.
"Welcome to the academy Aura. If you would rather I show you around I'd be more than happy...."
Jason clamped a hand on Iolaus' shoulder.
"Drop it Iolaus. You're scaring her."
Aura laughed. "No, He's not scaring me. Thank you Iolaus, but I think maybe Lilith would be better fit to show me around." Iolaus nodded.

Aura turned and saw a face she knew well. Lilith smiled
"And this is...."
"Hercules???" Aura asked
Lilith laughed an nervious laugh. "Yeah, how did you know?"
Aura blushed. How was she going to cover this up?
"Oh, Well the farmer I was staying with, he used to talk about 'Hercules, son of Zues.' He described you once. I hadn't known that Zues had mortal sons. So I have always remembered." Aura looked around.

"Oh well lets finish eating." Iolaus said. The five cadets sat at the tavle. Aura between Hercules and Lilith.

Later that night, after dinner, Aura and Cheiron spoke privately:

"It's good to see you again Aura. How is your brother?" Cheiron asked as he led Aura to his office.
"Typhon is good. Not quite as hostile as he used to be. But you have to expect a little bit of a hostile temper. He is the Destructive wind after all."
"I rememeber when I first saw him. He was just learning how to control his power."
"Speaking of that, Hercules is a cadet here." Aura looked at Cheiron
"I know. Have you told Zues that you were coming here?"
"No, He has been too busy to see me. But I didn't know Hercules was even here. I don't know if Zues does either."
"I thought he kept track of everything?"
"He normaly does, but something big is going on. I don't know if it is good or bad. All I know is that he doens't have time for anything."

Cheiron and Aura sat together cathing up for a few more minutes. Jason, Iolaus, Lilith, and Hercules sat outside while Aura was in with Cheiron.
"I don't know. She seems a little different." Lilith said.
"What are you talking about Lilith? Aura seems great. Did you see her tattoo?" Iolaus asked Jason.
"Yeah, A lightning bolt around her arm. Strange for a woman to have. I think I agree with Lilith. There is something different about the girl."
Jason looked at Hercules
"What do you think?" he asked.
" I dont' know. She knew me. She said my name like she had known me all my life."
The four friends looked at the ground.

"Hey but she's pretty pretty, uh?" Iolaus broke the silence.
"No argument from me." Jason said laughing.
"Yeah, She really is." Hercules said at the same time.
Lilith looked at her three friends and rolled her eyes.
"You guys are always saying the same thing about every girl you meet. What makes Aura any different?"
The three boys couldn't think of anything. So again they all stared at the ground.

Aura walked out of the office.
"Hello. Were you all waiting for me?" Aura smiled
The three boys stood up quickly and started studdering. Lilith then got in front of them.
"Come on Aura, I'll show you our room."
The three boys waved as the gooddess in disguise walked away.


Lilith and Aura layed awake talking for a couple hours. Lilith told Aura how she came to be at the academy.
"So I came to the academy so I could fight. Take care of myself you know?"
Aura didn't know. She had never worried about dying. Lilith has gone through so much. Aura felt a bit foolish for her reason for coming to the academy.

"So, Aura, how did you come to be here?" Lilith asked a bit suspiciously.
Aura studdered "Well... I have been, um, wandering for a couple years and one day I came on this farm. Just an old man and his wife. I helped them out. Then once they got enough money to pay for help I left. The old man told me about this place so I came. I've always wanted to be a warrior."
Aura hoped that would be enough , but it wasn't.
"What about your family?" Lilith asked.
"Well, I lived with only my mother. All of my brothers were out of the house..."
"How many brothers?" Lilith asked.
"Oh my, alot. Seven." Aura laughed then continued.
"My father was never around. I hardly know him." Aura paused
"Lilith I'm quite tired. You think we can finish this tomorrow?"
Lilith smiled "Sure. I didn't mean to push you."
"You didn't. I just havn't talked about my family to anyone is so long." Aura replied.
With that the two female cadets went to sleep.


The next morning Aura started her classes. The day was very exciting for her. She met many new people and made many friends. Quite a few inquired about her tattoo. She didn't know what to tell them. She had gotten it and her necklace from Zues. So she just said
"I got it for my friend. Kind of a club sort of thing."
Everyone left it at that.

After classes and dinner the five cadets went for a walk in the woods. Aure was overwhelmed with how much joy she felt just being with the four mortals. She felt guilty for lying to them. But if anyone found out, there was no telling what people would do.
"So Aura, did you have fun today?" Iolaus asked.
"Yeah I really did." She smiled
"Well give it a few days." Jason laughed.
"I really think I'm going to like it here." Aura looked at the four friends.


The sun was hot and the five sweating cadets came to a lake. Aura sent a breeze to cool them, but it hardly helped. So she slapped Hercules on the back and yelled:
"Last one to the middle kisses Iolaus' feet."
The five cadets all ran toward the lake. First in was Lilith, then Aura, Jason, Hercules and last, Iolaus. He stayed in the shallow end as the other four swam out. Aura looked back and saw him. She swam back to him.
"Can't swim?" She asked.
"No, I just wanted to kiss my own feet." He replied sarcasticly.
Aura felt bad. "I'm sorry, I didn't know."
Iolaus smiled. "I'm just messing with you. It doesn't bother me."
Aura smiled. "Well I'll just stay here with you then." She splashed him in the face. Soon they were dunking each other in the lake.
"Ha Ha. Okay okay stop. You're messing up my hair." said Iolaus in a girly voice.
Aura didn't even let up.

Before she knew it she was picked up by someone behind her. She screamed playfully. The person put her down and she turned to see (who else?) Hercules. They stared into each others eyes for a minute then Aura splashed him. He picked her up agian. She looked at him then leaned her head down closer to his. He leaned his up to kiss her when a strong wind knocked them both into the water. Much to the amusment of the three other spectators.

Aura got up and ran out of the lake. The other four behind her.
"Maybe we should go back." Aura said nervously.
"Why?" Lilith asked.
"I don't want to catch a cold if it starts storming." she replied looking at the sky.
Jason stepped up beside her.
"I'll go with you."
The two started back toward the academy.

Hercules ran to catch up. He gently grabed Aura's hand. She smiled at him and blushed, as did he.
A sudden, strong wind knocked Aura to the ground. Hercules offered his hand to help her up. When she got to her feet she told the four to go on without her. She was going to wash off the mud. She assured Hercules she would catch up.

After the four were gone Typhon popped out from behind the tree.
"What are you doing? Will you stop embarassing me." Aura asked.
"I'll stop when he leaves you alone." Her angry brother replied
"What are you talking about? Hercules is great. And maybe I don't want to leave HIM alone."
Typhon's anger showed in the wind around them.
"He is Zues' son. Doesn't that bother you?" He asked
"Why should it. I love Zues like a father. You are the one who hates him so much." Aura yelled.
"Aura I'm telling you this now. If I see you and Hercules together again I will tell father. And who knows how he'll take that?" Typhon said
"Hercules has a protection order on him. From Zues." Aura informed Typhon.
"Do you think father and I care about Zues' protection order? Tartarus is worth it for father. He wouldn't give it a second thought to kill that boy if he knew that Zues' son was wanting to date his daughter." Typhon said angrily.
"I'm just telling you sis. Don't start anything with that boy or you will lose him, and me." Typhon was gone in a flash.


Aura sat on a rock with her head in her hands.
'Why would he do this to me?' She thought to herself. The tears began to fall, then she remembered she told Hercules she would catch up. The goddess stood up and started toward the other cadets direction.

As she cam over hte hill she ran into Lilith.
"Aura? Are you crying?" She asked
"No, I'm ....... Yes." Aura sat on a fallen tree.
Lilith sat beside her. "Would you like to talk about it?"
"Lilith, have you ever tried to do the right thing just to have it turn out to be the wrong thing?" Aura asked looking at the ground.
"Most of the time it turns out to be the right thing after all." Lilith said
Aura tried to see it like that but she couldn't.
"Thanks Lilith, I'll keep that in mind." Aura tried to sound as sincere as possible.
"Okay, Now come on. Hercules sent me to get you. He really likes you, you know."
Aura smiled a sad smile.
"I know. I like him too."


"So Herc, I noticed you and Aura getting kinda close before you got knocked into the lake." Iolaus said after Lilith left.
Hercules looked at his friends.
"Yeah, I really like her. She's nice and funny, and......"
"Beautiful!" Jason chimed in.
The three boys stopped walking. They all sat down on a big rock.
"But I don't care about that." Hercules said. "I think she can teach me things I'd never learned from anyone else."
Iolaus and Jason looked at eachother, then rolled their eyes.
"What?" Hercules asked
"Please Hercules." Jason said.
"Yeah give us a break Herc. Lilith is gone now, you don't have to cover." Iolaus said
Jason claped Hercules on the back.
"We know it's because she's pretty." He said.
"No, it isn't, now shut up here they come." Hercules said as Lilith and Aura rounded the trees.
The five cadets started back to the academy.


Aura tried to avoid Hercules for the rest of the week. Occasionally he would show up at her window with flowers and the like. Aura tried to act like she wasn't flatered, but Hercules could see right through her. And the harder she tried to make him forget about her the more he thought of her.

Months went by, Aura and Hercules became closer despite the games Aura was playing. She never forgot Typhon's promise, but thought that Typhon must have. She and Hercules had been doing things just the two of them for two months now. And nothing had happened. Aura hadn't even seen any member of her family. She didn't mind.

Today Hercules was taking her to meet his mother. Aura was a little nervous. Not that she had any reason to be. She and Hercules had grown close over the time she had been at the academy. She felt so happy with him. Why should she be nervous to meet his mother?

The two walked hand in hand all the way to Hercules' house. Where his mother was standing on the porch waiting. Aura smiled nervously at Hercules and they approached. Hercules squeezed Aura's hand for reassurance. As they approached the house Aura became more calm.
"Hello Mom." Hercules hugged the blond woman. The two parted and Hercules took Aura's hand.
"Mother this is Aura."
Aura bowed her head and then smiled at Alcemene.
"Nice to meet you." Arua said.
Alcemene stepped forward and gave Aura a hug.
"It's so nice to finally meet you. Hercules won't talk about anything else but you." The woman said glancing at her son. He blushed.

The three started walking in when someone grabbed Aura's arm. She turned and her blood ran cold at the face in front of her.


Aura stared at her father. "Why are you here?" She whispered.
The titan looked at his daughter.
"So it is true. You are in love with a son of Zues." He said angrily.

Aura turned toward the house. Hercules and Alcemene had gone inside and never saw Astraeus.
She turned back to her father.
"You have no right to show up here after how many years, and tell me who or who not to love." Aura told him.
"I am your father. I have the right to tell you whatever I want." He said.
Aura just looked at him and shook her head.
"I've only seen you a handful of times since I was born. So as far as I'm concerned you gave up any right as a parent when you walked out."
With that she turned and walked into the house.

Astraeus turned and walked behind a tree whre Typhon was waiting. "She's not going to help us father. She loves Zues." He said
"We'll see." The titan said to his son.


A few days later there was a knock at the door.
"Iolaus?" Alcemene said surprised.
"Hi Alcemene. Are Herc and Aura still here?" The curley haired boy asked, out of breath.
"Yes, they are in Hercules' room getting ready for the festival." Alcemene said.
"Hello Iolaus." Aura said walking out of the room. Iolaus' mouth dropped open.
Aura had her hair up in ringletts and small butterflies in the mass of curls. Her dress was to her feet and white with purple butterflies stiched on as a border.

"You look beautiful." Alcemene said.
Aura smiled at Iolaus' reaction.
"Are you going to the festival in Corinth with us Iolaus?" Aura asked. Hercules walked out of his room.
"What's wrong Iolaus?"

"Someone took Lilith. She's gone. Cheiron sent me to get you." Iolaus said.
"What do you mean someone took her?" Aura asked with a sickning feeling in her stomach.
"From the Academy. There was a note left. Something about the son of Zues paying for blah blah blah." Iolaus said.
"Lets go." Aura said.
She needed to do something. She ran into Hercules' room and changed. When she came out the boys were gone.

"They said that you should go to Corinth and get Jason." Alcemene said and handed Aura her bag. Aura thanked the woman with a hug and started out toward Corinth.


Hercules and Iolaus walked hurridly through the woods.
"Who did this?" Hercules asked.
"Ares?" Iolaus offered
"No, if it were Ares I would have found out from him." Hercules said.
The two warriors walked on in silence. Each thinking about what to do once they reached the Academy.

Aura walked along as fast as she could stand. She knew this was all her fault.
"I should have never come here." She thought
Soon she was at Corinth. She walked to the palace.
"You can't go in there." Said a guard.
"I'm one of Prince Jason's friends." Aura said
"She is." Jason said. He had been standing on the blacony and saw Aura walk up.
"Where is Hercules? Why aren't you dressed for the festival?" he asked.
"It's Lilith. She's been taken." Aura said looking up at her friend.
"Come up." He said.


Astraeus watched his daughter walk into the palace. He smiled evily to himself.
"Now the fun starts." He said looking at Typhon.
Typhon grabbed Lilith and Iolaus by the arm. Astraeus took Hercules and materialized in the throne room just as Aura and Jason entered.


Aura looked at the scene in front of her. Her brother stood there holding onto two people she had grown to care about like family. Iolaus' and Lilith's faces looked as though they were in more pain than they could take for too long.

Then standing to the left and just slightly in front of Typhon was Astreaus, Aura's father. And in his hand was the limp body of the one person Aura loved more than anything.

Aura grabbed Jason's hand and turned to him.
"Don't call the guards. I can take care of this."
Jason looked at the tall girl. Her beautiful gray eyes were on the brink of overflowing.
Jason squeezed his friends hand.
"Do you know these men?" He asked.
Aura lowered her swelling eyes.
"They are my father and brother." She said.

She let go of Jason's hand and walked toward her father. She looked down at Hercules. He was still breathing.
"What did you do to him?" She yelled at her father.
"Just this." A lightning bolt shot out of his hand and hit Jason in the chest, sending him flying into the wall.

As soon as Jason hit the wall the room filled with guards. Aura ran to Jason. He was mummbling soemthing about his head. Aura grabbed for her backpack and took out her dress. She rolled it into a ball and placed it under Jason's head. She turned to see what was going on in the room.

Three guards were laying on the floor. Astreaus was shooting lightning blots left and right. He had put Hercules on Jason's throne. Aura ran to him.
"Hercules can you hear me?" She asked. feeling his head. She took his hand and reached for her water skin from her pack. She held it to Hercules' lips.
"You need to drink this. Please!." She told him.
"Aura?" He finally opened his eyes.
"Yes it's me. I'm here." She said moveing the hair away from his face.
"What? Whats going on?" He asked
"I'll explain later. Just stay here for now. I have to go." She gave him the water and walked toward Typhon.

"Why are you doing this?" She yelled
Typhon lifted Lilith and Iolaus up and threw then over by Hercules.
"Leave here Aura. Go home and we will too." Typhon went and joined his father.

Aura looked around. Iolaus was helping Hercules. He was sitting up now. Iolaus was trying to hold him down. Hercules had had time to take in what was going on.
"You can't do anything, they are gods." Iolaus was saying.
Aura glanced over at Jason. Lilith was holding his head in her lap. He was still pretty out of it. Lilith looked up at Aura. She had a look of fear and pain in her eyes. Aura had to look away. She turned to see her brother and father shooting lightning bolts out of their hands. Typhon was making destuctive winds blow through the whole room. Guards were lying all over the floor.

Aura ran in front of her father.
"Stop, Just stop. I'll go home." she cried.
"Good girl." Astreaus said with an evil grin on his face. With that him and Typhon disappeared.

Iolaus helped Hercules to his feet and over to Aura. She was looking at the ground. Jason was up. Lilith helped him over as well.
"What just happened?" Hercules asked.
Aura looked up. Her face had streaks from her tears.
"I'm so sorry. All of you. This was all my fault." Aura started her story.


"So I just wanted friends. Honest and true friends. And you all are. I love you like family. All of you."
Aura lowered her eyes. Then decided it was time. She walked over to Lilith.

"Lilith. You are like a sister to me. You were always there when I needed to talk. You do not know how much that meant to me." Lilith looked like she was going to cry.
"To me as well." She said. The two girls hugged.

Aura turned to Jason. "Oh, Jason."
"Aura." Jason looked like he was going to cry too. Aura had to laugh.
"Don't even start. Don't tell me that the always-sarcastic, Prince of Corinth is going soft."
Jason grabbed her and hugged her.
"Don't go." He said
"I have to. To save all of you and my immortal famly." She had tears falling now.

She turned to Iolaus..
"Iolaus, you could always make me laugh. I'm going to miss you so much." She gave the shorter boy a hug.
"I love you." Iolaus said quietly.
"I love you too." she said.

And last she turned to Hercules.
He wouldn't look at her.
"Hercules, I'm so sorry, I just......" before she could finish, the demi-god wrapped his arms around the goddess.
"I'm not going to let you go." He said.
Aura kissed his forehead. "There isn't anything you can do." She said.
"Just know I love you. I always will. And so does your father." Still in Hercules' arms she disappeared.
His arms fell in but he kept them there pretending she was still in them. "I love you too." He said.


Aura watched the five cadets. They were setting up for the festival. It had been two months since she left her four friends. She missed them more than ever. But they seemed to be doing better. A new cadet had joined the group. Her name was Shala. She had come about a month after Aura left. Shala had taken to Hercules right away. And much to the dismay of Aura, Hercules seemed taken with Shala too.

Aura watched as Iolaus came running out of the palace with a baby pig in his arms. Aura laughed.
"Iolaus what are you doing?" Lilith asked.
The four cadets looked at Iolaus. Then started laughing. He had put a pink bow on the pigletts head.
"Why are you laughing? This little pig is going to bring in all the money this year." Iolaus said holding the pig's nose inches from his face.
"Iolaus no one is going to pay to kiss a pig." Jason said
"We always get money so people can kiss you." Iolaus shot back.
"Come on guys. We always bring in alot of money at the Youth Fair. And just think, we have two girls this year. Our little kissing booth is going to be pulling in the denars for the Academy." Hercules said.
"Fine, I'll let her go. So she won't take any of Jason's business." Iolaus said.
"Don't you mean yours?" Jason replied.
"Well I don't think it will matter, because I'm going to be taking both of your business anyway." Hercules laughed.

"You boys need to stop messing around and move this cart to out spot at the festival." Lilith said.
Hercules and Jason started pulling the cart.
Lilith stood beside Jason as the cadets started toward the festival. They had grown very close after she had to pretend to be Jason's Queen. She had to admit to herself that she was doing more practicing than pretending. She had always had a crush on the dark haired prince.
Beside Hercules walked Shala. She was a short girl and very beautiful. She seemed very nice, yet Aura didn't care much for her. Hercules looked at her like he used to look at Aura. But she couldn't blame him. She was the one that left him. He should move on. But she missed him.

Iolaus walked behind the cart with his pig. A cloaked figure walked up beside him. It reached for the pig and Iolaus pulled her away.
"Can I help you?" He asked angrily
"You could give me a hug." The cloaked figure said.
"I'm sorry sir but I'm not all that into......"Iolaus started.
Aura removed her hood.
"Aura?" Iolaus hugged the goddess.
"Oh. I've missed you." Aura said. She heard a pig squeal. The two friends broke apart.
"Sorry little buddy" Iolaus set the pig in the cart.
"Oh Iolaus, What's been going on?"Aura asked putting her arm in his.
"Not a thing. We got a new cadet. I'll go get everyone, they'll want to see you." Iolaus started toward the front. Aura grabbed his hand.

"No, I'm leaving again. I don't want to do that to Hercules, besides..." She nodded toward Shala "looks like he is getting along just fine."
"He loves you Aura. Shala is just a friend. To tell you the truth, I think she's interested in yours truly." Iolaus smoothed his hair back.
Aura saw Hercules take Shala's hand.
"Your sweet Iolaus. Thats why I love you." She kissed the curley haired cadet's cheek.
"I have to go now. But I'll be around. Don't worry, you'll see me again." Aura walked away.
Iolaus watched the goddess disappear in the crowd.


Aura materialized beside Typhon.
"Hello brother. Mom sid you wanted to speak to me." Aura hadn't talked to her brother since he made her leave the Academy. He looked at her.
"Mother says you've been sad. So I wanted to talk to you about what happened." Typhon took her hand. He led her over to a stone to sit down.
"I was wrong about Hercules. He saved Elaine." Typhon said. Aura remembered Typhon talking about Elaine. He had falled in love with her. Hercules had saved her from hunters. Aura looked at her brother. Was he saying what the thought he was. Could she hope to become a cadet again?
"So I want to give you something." Typhon went behind the huge rock Aura was on and walked back out with a big white tiger.
"What is this for?" Aura asked. She loved the gift but she wasn't exactly sure what Typhon was getting at.
"What I'm trying to said is that I was wrong about that mortal of yours. And I want to apologize for making you leave your friends. And I'm giving you this kitty to show you I love you."
"And you're telling me I can go back to the Academy?"Aura asked
"Yes." Typhon said.
"Oh thank you Typhon. I love you so much." She hugged her brother.

Ares watched the whole heartwarming sceen unfold.
"So Aura's going to be a cadet?" Strife asked
"Well I'm sure we could use that little goddess for something." Discord said.
"Oh you know me so well. That little goddess owes a certain brother of mine a favor. I think it's time to pay a little visit to Hephaestos."Ares disappeard.

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