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Bryn's Curiously Mythical Lair is blacked out in memory of Kevin Smith.

Kevin Smith died February 16, 2002

Exerpt from article:

February 16, 2002 Saturday 8:14 PM Eastern Time
Top New Zealand screen star dies in Beijing
hospital WELLINGTON, Feb 16

Kevin Smith, one of New Zealand's hottest
and hunkiest screen stars who had just
scored a role opposite Bruce Willis, has
died in a Beijing hospital, a report said

Smith, best known for playing Ares in the
hit series 'Xena: Warrior Princess',
suffered head injuries in a fall on
February 6 after filming in the Chinese

He had been in a critical condition at
the Beijing Union Hospital, the New Zealand
Herald said. His death was reported here
Saturday on National Radio. It quoted
Smith's Auckland agent Robert Bruce as
saying he had received a call from China
confirming the death.

Smith's family, including his wife and three
sons, were with him when he died, Bruce added.

Ares, I will never forget you. You will live eternally in my heart, and in the hearts of millions of fans.

I found this, thought I should add it to the Blackout Page:

Notice to all concerned.

Regarding the recent tragic death of Kevin Tod Smith.

Robert Bruce, Lucy Lawless and Michael Hurst with Simon Prast have established the Official Kevin Smith Trust Fund.

PO Box 6513

Credit card facilities available HERE.

Trustees :- Lucy Lawless, Michael Hurst, Simon Prast and Robert Bruce.

This trust fund, and its website, is the only organization working with Kevin Smith's family.

Please consider all other people, organizations or web sites, while well intentioned (or otherwise), as not official.

We appreciate your desire to contribute in Kevin's memory.

Thank you from Kevin's Family & Friends.

Robert Bruce

Copyright 2002 Kevin Smith Foundation. All Rights Reserved.

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