Young Hercules (and HtLJ and X:WP) Websites

It is almost impossible to have the links to every Young Hercules related website, and many sites are bound to move and change their URL's. If you have a YH-related site that is not listed here, or if a link here is wrong and you know the right one, please email me. Thank you.

Don't you just hate it when a great site says that it's moving and gives you the new URL, and then the new URL isn't working? *cries* so many great sites don't exist anymore!

This page was last updated August 13, 2007. Links were last checked 3/16/05.

There is no real order of links yet; basically the newest ones I've added are on top. I'll worry about organizing them later. If there are broken links on this page PLEASE EMAIL ME AND LET ME KNOW! Can I stress this enough?

So far as I can tell, "The Young and the Hercless" has stopped existing. (though you can still read the first eleven chapters here) I am trying to get in contact with its makers, to see if this is true. If anybody hears anything about it existing somewhere, PLEASE e-mail me!!! I'm usually the last to know!!!

Young Hercules University: The YHU is back up! Swing by and check it out, and chat with oldies and newbies in the YHU Lounge. Just watch out for hoolies!

Whoosh!: H:TLJ, X:WP, and YH, among other fandoms. Essays, articles, commentaries, episode guides, historic airing schedules, convention reports, boutique websites, uber fiction, various analyses of genre television shows and cinema, and a plethora of other materials concerning strong women in popular culture and other cool stuff. I think my favorite essay was Xena & Gabrielle in Your First Period Psychology Class: Trends in Uber Fan Fiction.

Young Hercules World Order: HBKid's site is back! YHFFS2 and screencaptures are still 'coming soon', but the YHWO is back! *cheers*

(Ohhh)Ryan... Gosling: Has a page called RnR (Ryan 'n Real Life), with pictures, reports, and comments by people who have met Ryan or seen Ryan in real life. Last updated 2/25/05 (I think)

Dear To Dean: Info and pics about Dean O'Gorman.

Meighan Desmond: the official fan site for the actress whgo played Discord.

ALWheaties Report on Young Hercules: A good site, but it hasn't been updated in a while. Does have an address to write Renaissance Pictures.

Ryan Gosling... For You: Last updated 4/21/03 (I think). Has pages such like: Get to Know the Real Ryan, A Day in the life of Ryan Gosling, The Many Faces of Ryan Gosling, Ryan Gosling FanArt, and Ryan Encounters.

The UnOfficial Ryan Gosling Website: Last updated 4/19/3 (I think).

Kristin's Young Hercules Page: Last updated 2/21/01 (I think).

Lookout 2's Young Hercules: Over 100+ fanfics! Screen Captures! Last updated 10/6/02 (I think).

Pasha's Fan Fiction Obsessions: Xena, and other fandoms fiction. It has a Xena WP/Sabrina TTW crossover and a Xena/Quantum Leep crossover

Fanfic for The Sentinel, Young Hercules and Nsync: Four YH stories by Emily Petrucci.

Young Hercules Fanfiction: yh_fanatic's fanfiction.

kalynn's fan fiction : Small but growing selection of YH fic, listed with the H:TLJ fiction.

The Scrapheap: Gen but mostly slash fiction from the following fandoms: The Sentinel, Hercules, Young Hercules, Due South, Highlander, Hornblower, DS9 and a few others.

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