The Last Lover

The Last Lover

By Alayia

Rating: G
Disclaimer: I have no association with Fox Kids, USA Studios, and whatever else in charge of Young Hercules. I do not own Hercules, Hera's scary voice, Alcmene, or Iolaus, but I do own Cheri and Amalia. There are no dollars to be made.
Summary: Iolaus thinks about the time they were 7 and 13, when they meet some twins that cause some trouble between him and Hercules.
Author's Note: The story goes back and forth between reality and Iolaus and Cheri's memories.

Cheri was watching those two over there. Those two. Together? How did it all go wrong? It was supposed to be her, not Amalia. It was she who loved him first. The demigod. She recalled on her memory to tell the story that went oh-so-wrong so long ago.

11 years ago.

"Mom, can I go play with Iolaus?" the young 7-yr. old asked anxiously.

"It's not play," The curly boy insisted, "It's a treasure hunt."

"Yeah, can I?" The younger one insisted.

"Go ahead," Alcmene answered, "Just be back for dinner."


The boys shouted and screamed through the forest. Iolaus showed Hercules the dig site where they'd be digging. Hercules heard something. Like a cry for help.

"I'll be back, kay?" he said, heading towards the sound.

"What are you doing, Herc?" Iolaus asked, following him. Sure enough, they found a girl their age, hanging from the branch of a tree that was breaking off.


Cheri stared at the two in envy. Every step they took, Hercules was either holding her hand or kissing her. Someone came up behind her.

"It's sickening, isn't it?"

She turned around. It was Iolaus, looking pretty much the same way towards them.

"You know, I never thought Amalia was ever close to him. I thought he was more with you than ever. I wonder what happened."

"I remember, Iolaus," she answered grimly, "I remember all of it. Don't you?"


"Help me!" the girl screamed.

"Over there," Hercules instructed Iolaus, "So we can catch her."

"All right," Hercules yelled up to the girl, "I need you to-whoa!"

The branch broke, and the girl started falling.

"Iolaus, new plan. You catch the girl and I catch that branch."

"All right, Herc." Iolaus was frankly amazed. Herc's leadership skills were developing very quickly, even for a seven-year-old. "Gotcha!" He stated when he caught her.

The branch was actually too heavy for the seven-year-old demigod. It was too heavy for Iolaus and him even. Herc learned that the hard way when the branch pummeled him like a bad day of tackle bagball.

"Herc!" Iolaus put the girl down and they both went over to the young son of Zeus who was pinned under the tree branch.

"Help me get it off," he instructed, "Iolaus, push the branch up and over me. Hey, what's your name?"

"Cheri," the girl meekly answered.

"Wanna help me get this branch off me, Cheri?"

"Okay." It was a team effort, but they got the branch of Hercules.

"Thanks," he told Cheri, "I'm Hercules and this is Iolaus."

"I kinda figured that."

"Cheri!" They all heard the voice. Then all of a sudden, there were two Cheris.

"Who...?" Iolaus wondered.

"This is my twin sister, Amalia."


"Oh, yeah, I remember now." Iolaus said, recapping what happened.

"What happened next was..."


"Two?" Iolaus asked, "How can there be two Cheris?"

"Iolaus," the first Cheri laughed, "This is my twin sister, Amalia."

He thought about it, then nodded his head, "I get it now."

"Hi, I'm Hercules," the demigod introduced himself.

"Hey, there's somtin' I wanna ask you, Hercules," Cheri said, walking ahead with the very young son of Zeus.

Amalia stood there, uncertain, but had a pretty good idea of what Iolaus would do. Sure enough, he waltzed up to her and said in a flirty voice, "Hi, I'm Iolaus."

She didn't think, she just reacted. Iolaus just then realized that she was carrying a full bucket of water. Amalia splashed it in the nine year old's face and ran away saying, " I don't like boys. They're yucky!"


"Ugh, Amalia didn't like me very much, did she?" Iolaus realized the answer was indeed yes.

"I don't think she did," Cheri answered. By then, the two were perched on a stonewall. They were following Amalia and Hercules on their walk. They had stopped at the end of the field, and were now sitting down, engaged in each other, kissing.

Cheri was trying not to look at them.


When the four reached the village once more, Amalia and Cheri told the boys the news.

"You won't be seeing us anymore, you guys," Cheri stated.

"What?" Hercules inquired, "Why?"

"We're moving to Thebes," Amalia replied.

"Will I ever see you again?" There was a chance.

"Probably not," answered the twin.

"Amalia! Cheri!" a masculine voice called.

"That's our papa," Cheri said, "Goodbye."

He watched them go out of sight. He hoped he'd see them again. But he couldn't restrain himself from crying for losing two new playmates.


"We didn't see you guys for the longest time," Iolaus stated.

"Yeah," Cheri agreed, "We didn't see you until six years later."


"Mom," The anxious teenager yelled from the frame of the door, "I'm leaving now! Be back for dinner."

Hercules set off for the woods. Iolaus told him to meet him there. Those forests had plenty of memories in its time. There was a house somewhere in the trees. He and Iolaus tried digging for buried treasure. He remembered that day. He got so worked up over, what were their names? Oh, yeah, Cheri and Amalia. He remembered having a thing for Cheri, but he was only seven. How could he fall in love at such a tender age? He was so caught up in the matter at hand in his head, he bumped into a girl walking along on the street.

"I'm so sorry, I-" She stopped, gazing at him oddly, "Hercules? By the gods! It's me, Cheri."

"Cheri!" The thirteen-year-old demigod embraced his shortly known childhood friend." You've changed."

"You have, too. I've missed you," Cheri said.

He didn't know what he was doing before he did it. He leaned in and kissed her. When they separated, he felt himself blushing for being so bold.

Let's say we give ourselves the day off with each other," Cheri suggested.

"Okay," Hercules said, forgetting his obligation to Iolaus.

The two went and spent all day at plays, playing games, and just sitting and talking. They soon found themselves in a meadow. It just started raining then. Hercules really didn't know the terrain, so they found a cave nearby for shelter. As soon as the entered, the entrance collapsed behind them, trapping them inside.


"Is that what you guys did? That's what Herc ditched me for?" Iolaus asked, a little more than slightly offended.

"I didn't know that he was meeting you," Cheri said, protecting herself, "Don't you want to know what happened next?"

"I remember," Iolaus said, cutting his gaze to the two lovers.


"Hercules, what do we do?" A terrified Cheri asked after the rubble had settled.

"Maybe we could move them out of the way," he suggested.

"How?" Cheri asked sarcastically, "We're only thirteen years old! What, are we gonna get the almighty Zeus himself to come down and miraculously make them disappear?"

"How 'bout the son of Zeus?" He started taking the boulders off the pile.

"Son of-of Zeus?" Cheri was surprised that he would even forget to tell her.

"Listen, I don't care about him." he sort of lied.

"Then where does that put me?" a curious Cheri asked.

Hercules blurted, "Look, you mean no more to me than my father."


"Wait, no!"

"This is all just a trick, isn't it?" Cheri was enraged, "I come into town for a week to visit you and you don't care about me, is that it?"

"That's not it, -"

"No!" She wasn't letting him get a word in, "I should have expected more out of you. All I want to do is go home. And don't expect me to ever talk to you again!"

He quietly finished his task and followed Cheri stomping to the village. He tried one more attempt.

"Cheri, listen, I'm so sorry."

She just walked away. She hoped she'd never see him again, but in her heart, she knew she was lying.

Hercules then saw Iolaus. He walked over to him, glad to see him, but Iolaus wasn't as happy.

"Hey, buddy," he said with a sneer, "Thanks for meeting me in the woods."

"Ugh, gods! Iolaus, I'm sorry, I forgot."

"Well you can forget it, just like before," Iolaus stormed off.

Things were going wrong. Oh-so wrong.


Cheri put her hands over her face in regret, "I can't believe I'd been so stupid."

"Join the party," Iolaus said grimly.

"If I could just changed what I'd done,"

"I know, Cheri, I know."


Hercules had felt like someone had ripped out his heart and stepped on it. It was terrible. His heartbreak was so mournful; Aphrodite almost came down and took it all away.

Then Cheri came back. She was wearing different clothes and had a smile on her face. Duh, Hercules, he thought, That's Amalia.

She sat down next to him. "What's the matter, stranger?" she asked in a friendly voice, "Do I know you from somewhere?"

"When we were seven, I met you and Cheri in the woods," Hercules responded, heart heavy and bitter.


He nodded. "Amalia, your sister just left."

"Well, do you wanna come with me? I've been looking for her all day."

"She was with me all day. I thought she liked me, until I told her I was Zeus' son."

"You're a son of Zeus?" she asked, "That is so cool!"

"You really think so?" he asked, for the first time looking up.

"Yeah, who wouldn't?" Amalia asked, instantly regretting saying it.

"Your sister."

"Look, we're twins. So, if one doesn't work, try the other one."

Hercules smiled, and even laughed a little at that.

"No, really," she said, getting serious, "You could be the son of Homer for all I care. It's who you are that counts."

"Thanks, and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. You've made my day."

He hugged her. She leaned in and gave him a small kiss on the cheek.

"Come on," she said, standing up, "I only have three more days left here and I'm not going to sit here moping around for some stupid thing my sister did. You with me?" She extended her palm.

"I am." He took the offered hand and they both went off and down the path together. And who knows? Maybe Hercules would get a real kiss by the end of the night. He hoped


"How'd you figure that out?" a curious Iolaus asked Cheri.

She was staring blankly. "I was watching from the brush. And I followed them, just like I did now."

"You know, this doesn't seem right," Iolaus angrily stated.

"You're right," she said hastily, getting up, "I'm going over there and telling them that!"

She stormed over the meadow, leaving Iolaus ready to join in at the sign of a fight.

As she was getting closer, shecould see exactly what Hercules and Amalia were doing. Ugh, I feel like I'm gonna hurl, she thought. She stood over them. Apparently, they didn't see her, because they were still kissing.


They were still kissing.


They were still kissing.


They looked up at her innocently. "What?" Hercules asked, a little irritated.

"Look you guys," Cheri was at loss with words, "I know you're so happy, but," she hesitated, "It doesn't seem right."

"Just because Amalia isn't you, doesn't mean you have to be jealous." Hercules blamed.

"Hercules, I'm not jealous. Something's not right."


Amalia thought she was hiding it. She'd been so careful. Until now. As Hercules was kissing her, she drew her dagger. Her plan was set off when her dumb, sentimental sister came over. She thought she'd be over the demigod by now. She'd just have to kill her, then.

She leaped for Cheri with the dagger.


Iolaus came running down the hill, with his sword ready. Cheri had been fortunate enough to block her sister's attack. They were now rolling around on the ground over the dagger, which was now in both of their hands.

Hercules was truly confused through all this. Why would Amalia want to kill her sister? Or him, for that matter?

They both got up at the same time. One of them had the dagger, but it was hard to tell which one it was. They were identical. The one with the dagger knocked the other one down with her feet and quickly drew the dagger near the other one's neck. Instantly, Hercules knew that wasn't Cheri.

He leapt for Amalia, but she stood up and shot out her arms. And with it, suspended animation powers. Hercules was just in mid-leap. Amalia put her arms down, and Hercules went with them. He writhed in pain.

"Who are you?" Cheri asked, getting up.

"I'm your dear sister, sister," she answered sweetly, "But with an edge."

"What do you mean?"

"Hera told me that if I'd kill the son of Zeus, I'd become a goddess. How could I pass that up?"

"There has to be a catch,"

"Well, she did say I only had one chance. And look at him. I did well."

Cheri glanced at the demigod's prone position. She ran over to his lifeless form.

"See ya later, sucker!" Amalia yelled as she hightailed it into the woods.

Cheri quickly cut her gaze to her evil sister then back to Hercules. She carefully turned him over. She tenderly stroked the blond hair out of his face. She tried her best to hold back her tears, but no avail. Iolaus rushed over to them, with a mortified look on his face

"She killed him," he stated, "She really killed him."

The tears were running freely down Cheri's face as she said, "No, it wasn't supposed to be this way! I was supposed to say I was sorry! We were going to make up for past mistakes! This can't be happening."

Then she got an idea. "There's still a way we can save him." She bent down, closed off the air to his nose, and breathed in his mouth. If she could just get the air flowing again, he'd be just fine. She repeated this several times. He still didn't wake up.

"Check his heart, Iolaus," she instructed, starting to panic.

"It's beating, slightly," he informed.

"Hercules, come on! You can do this!" she yelled at him, mainly to tell herself he would be all right. She breathed for him again. This time, she'd lost it. She took the demigod's shoulders and raised him and slammed him against the ground out of her own rage. Nothing would stop her now. Iolaus tried, but she wouldn't stop. Until they both heard a rushing breath and someone wrapping their arms around Cheri's for support.

"Hercules!" Iolaus and Cheri cried in unison.

He laid there for a while, taking in all the air he could.

"Hercules, I'm so sorry. I wanted to tell you that since I was thirteen. Ever since I stormed off, I've regretted it. Please, give me another chance." Cheri said in a rush.

"What?" Hercules laughed, "Could you just help me up now? We'll talk later, all right?"

"Okay," she said, as she and Iolaus helped him up on his feet.


Later, on the wall, Hercules told Cheri, "I do accept your apology. And I have my own to give you. I'm sorry I didn't tell you I was a son of Zeus. I'm also sorry that I lied about my father meaning nothing to me. He means everything to me. And so do you."


"Oh, and by the way, "Hercules added, "Thank you for saving my life."

"You're welcome," she changed the subject by getting up and saying, "I'd better get going. I still want to see what my father's doing."

Hercules grabbed her hand. "Will I ever see you again?"

"You can count on it, "she said. She gave him one, long final kiss and then started off into the woods.

"Good bye, Cheri," he whispered as he watched her go.


"You have failed me!" boomed a loud voice.

"I know, Hera, and my apologies, my queen." Amalia answered.

"You said you knew the consequences if you'd defy me."

"Yes, my queen."

"And yet you're still standing here. I'll have to teach you my own lesson, then."

"No!" A scream came throughout the forest. Amalia was never seen or heard from again.

The End

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