The Royal Lesson

The Royal Lesson

By Bryn Ensomhet

Rating: G
Disclaimer: I invented and own Bryn, Gordon, and Zandro. I do not own Liz, Max, Isabel, Tess, Michael, Maria, Hercules, Iolaus, Jason, Auto, Zan, Rath, Ava, Vilandra or anybody/anything from either 'Roswell' or 'Young Hercules'. This story was written for fun, the author is getting no money from it. I do not own rights to the roswell episode 'Off the menu', I simply used it and changed a bit around for it to fit this story.
Summary: A YH/Roswell crossover. When the golden fleece is stolen Jason gets otherworldly help, and the Pod Squad values the help of an Ancient Greek thief.
Author's Note: The story goes back and forth between what's happening in Roswell, and what's happening in Ancient Greece. This story comes after 'The New Cadet Series', but can stand alone as a complete story (once it's finished).

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A woman in a long navy blue dress walked across her cluttered apartment and turned on the radio, which promptly obliged her by pumping out rock music. The tunes had used to comfort her, but tonight she had the beginnings of a headache and the music wasn't helping. Suddenly angry for no reason, she grabbed a book off of the many shelves full of books around her apartment, and threw herself down into one of the two big chairs in the small living room. She tried to get into the story, but the usually enjoyable music was driving her insane. Her quick temper flared, and she threw the book at the stereo. As the book flew through the air, she stretched out her hand and an energy bolt sped from it, burning a hole through the book and hitting the stereo, blasting it into smitherines (and blessing silence). Instantly her anger faded and she regreted her rash and violent action. Her hand guestured and the peices of the stereo started floating and mending themselves together and the charred places on the book slowly shrank until they disappeared and the book was whole again. Then the floating book flew through the air to land in it's place on the shelf, and the stereo floated the same way to it's rightful place. Everything was back to normal.

Or was it?

The womans hand touched her head and she realized that her headache was gone. She suddenly remembered what those headaches meant. Not again! she cried, racing to the front door. Opening it and looking out, she expected to see the dark stone walls of her fathers temple, but instead there was a regular circa 2001 hotel door with the numbers 288 on it. She looked at her own door and saw the numbers 289 on it. *Wonderful. Ive moved again.* She thought to herself.

Hearing a very high pitched noise, she re-entered her apartment and pulled a small wooden chest out from under a chair, and sat in the chair with the box on her lap. Opening the small chest, she reached a hand in and pulled out a green crystal that began to glow the moment she touched it. The noise had also stopped. As she put the chest back on the floor and cradled the crystal in her hands, an image started to appear on the surface of the crystal and she could hear a voice coming from it.

Hello mother. The girl said to the image on the crystal.

Greetings Gordon. I noticed that your apartment had dissappeared. Do you know where you are?

Havent a clue. Gordon replied. But Ill be sure to let you know when I do. Her mothers image smiled. Thank you dear. I was so nice of Hephestus to make these two pieces of Cronos Stone into a telephone for us. Is Zandro there?

Gordon felt a presence behind her and turned. There was a man with pale silvery hair that hung to his shoulders, a startling contrast from Gordons waist long black/blue hair. He looked nineteen, but one glance in his eyes showed that he was hundreds of years old. He was wearing a white cloth shirt and light-tan leather pants. Gordon hadnt heard him approach, but that didnt surprise her. The man had learned a lot about moving quietly after spending years as a ghost. Gordon turned back to the crystal. Yeah, Zans here. She felt Zan standing behind her and looking over her shoulder. Did you want to talk to him? she asked her mother.

No, Im good. The woman in the image replied, Ares temple in the background. You two be careful until you find out what dimension youre in. Do you have a cover story for anybody who you come in contact with?

Yes, Bryn, we do. Zan answered.

Then I guess Id better let you two rest. Have fun.

Tell father I said hi. Gordon said.

Ill try, dear, but you know your father. If hes not starting a war then hes blasting Strife across the room. Ill try to see him before he tries to kill Herc again.

Thanks mom. Gordon replied. Her mother gave a quick wave before the image disappeared. Gordon placed the crystal back in the chest and watched the light from within fade. She looked up to see Zan watching her, a worried frown on his face.

Are you sure youre okay? he queried.

Gordon nodded, Im sure Im fine. Im just getting over the headache that I get everytime we suddenly wind up in another dimension. She yawned involuntarily. Maybe moms right, we should get some rest.

Zan smiled and held out his hand. Come here. She took his hand and in a flash of light they disappeared. A black cat, that some might swear was dark blue when the light touched it right, curled up on the chair where Gordon had been sitting. Where Zan had been, there was a white cat who promptly jumped up on the same chair and curled up next to the other cat, and they both fell asleep.


Dusk was just starting to fall as the last customer left, signaling the end of the business day. A brunette teenage waitress in a pale green dress started clearing away the dishes, the silver balls at the end of her antennae glittering and bouncing as she worked. *Just why did I agree to work in my parents' restaurant again this summer?* she thought as she was cleaning up the last remains of the Men-In-Black-berry pie from the table. This was just one of the many alien-themed tourist traps around in the small town of Roswell, New Mexico, but the family diner, 'The Crashdown', held many pleasant memories for her and her grumbling was only half-hearted. This was where, almost two years ago, she had been shot by accident and Max had healed her.

That was when her life changed forever. When she first learned that Max Evans, his sister Isabel, and his friend Michael were all aliens. Well, mostly. They are all hybrids, half-alien and half-human. Their alien halves were royalty on their home planet, but had been killed so they're cells had been mixed with human cells to 'reincarnate' the royal four. Max, whose name had been Zan in his 'last life', had been the king. Isabel was his sister and Michael was his trusted second. The fourth hybrid, Tess, had been his wife, the queen. Tess had only joined their group last year, just before they had learned about their past lives. The bell above the door of the restaurant rang as a tall teenage boy with short dark hair entered The Crashdown. *Well, speak of the devil* she thought, straightening up to give Max a smile. Max might not have been your first image of a king, but he had a regal air around him that almost reeked of quiet strength and manners, though she would never tell him that.

"Hey Liz." he greeted her and helped her take the dirty dishes to the kitchen. "How was the dinner rush?"

"Really good, actually." she answered, sticking the dishes in the dishwasher and turning it on. "What did you think of Mr. Larson's class?" Both juniors had several classes together during school, one of which being Mr. Larson's psychology class. Lately he had been teaching about how paranormal beliefs affected the human psyche. Today, and for the next month, they were going to be learning about different folklores and how they symbolized the talents and faults of the cultures that spawned them. This week was 'Greek Mythology Week', and it was interesting to learn how the Greeks had thought up a reason for everything from why winter came every year to why there were echoes.

"If you ask me," The cook, another teenage boy with medium-long brown hair combed back from his face, replied, "I think that the class is a waste of time. Who cares that Hades rules the underworld or that Hera is the queen of the gods?" Michael said.

"True," interjected the other waitress, also a junior with long wavy blond hair and Liz's best friend, "You could get most of what's taught in the class just by watching an episode of Young Hercules." Maria finished arranging the items on the counter, so she picked up a towel and began to wipe the drinking glassed dry.

Max shot her a quizzical look. "What's 'Young Hercules'?"

Liz shrugged, hiding a guilty smile. "It's an old TV show that went off the air a few years ago. Maria and I used to watch it."

Maria smirked, "Don't forget Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena."

"How come you never told me about this?" Michael, who had an on-again off-again relationship with Maria, leaned through the opening in the wall between the kitchen and the main room. Maria just rolled her eyes.

Max was surprised, "Miss 'I want to become a marine biologist' was a fan of sci-fi shows?" he smiled at Liz.

"Anyway," Liz tried to put the conversation back on track, "The point of the class is to learn about the culture and beliefs of a group of people and how they accounted for the unexplained oddities around them." She noticed Max's smile drop and a troubled look creep onto his face. "Are you okay?" she asked, lightly touching Max's arm.

"Yeah." he said, then looked at her, "Can we talk for a minute?"

Liz nodded and walked with him into the back room of the restaurant, which Nasado used to call 'The I Know an Alien Club Headquarters'. They sat on the couch and Max took a deep breath.

"Everything that's been happening recently has made me realize just how little I know about my planet." he confided to Liz, "I don't know the customs or the culture or if there's a religion or anything. I don't know if Isabel's and my parents are still alive. I don't even know what people look like there, or even what type of atmosphere they breathe." Max started to breakdown, holding his head in his hands. "When Tess and I were in New York, Nickalous offered to take us home in return for the Granolith." The last word he said made Liz stiffen slightly beside him, but he didn't notice. Nor did he notice when Maria entered the room. He looked up at Liz. "What if we get another chance to go back? I don't have the slightest idea how to be a king, much less a good one. What will I do?"

Liz was silent for a moment before she spoke. "Maybe you could talk to someone about kingship."

"Like who?" Max replied, "'Dear Prince of Wales, I hope I'm not bothering you but I'm a king of another planet and I was wondering if you could give me a few pointers about how to be a king.' Yeah, like that would go over well."

Maria took a seat opposite the couch. "You could talk to Madame Vivian."

Max asked, "Who's she?"

"She's a prophet. My mom lives her whole life based on her advice."

Michael entered the room in time to hear Maria's last words. "Probably a con."

Maria shook her head, "She's the real deal."

Liz agreed, "Everything that she told me was true." Several months ago she had gone with Maria and their other human friend, Alex, to have their fortunes read. That was right before Max, a version from the future, had used the power of the Granolith to come back in time and help Liz make the present Max fall out of love with her or else the world would end. So she had made it appear as though she had slept with Kyle (the sheriff's son and Liz's ex-boyfriend) even though she hadn't.

"You went to a psychic?" Max asked Liz. She was usually the epitome of a scientist and it surprised him to think that she would put any faith in that sort of thing. But he trusted her as a friend, and if she thought that a visit might do good, then he would try it.


A young man with dark hair was sitting in an inn, nursing a mug of water. The plan was to reach Corinth by nightfall, scout out the castle, snag the item, and get back out as quickly as possible. The customer, after all, was waiting. Autolycus grimaced as he thought of his most recent business deal. The guy who's pitch he had decided to accept had given him the creeps, but a job was a job, and right now his money pouch was depressingly light.

He had thought that the job would be simple: Just grab this 'Golden Fleece' that the guy wanted and then walk away with the promised 500 dinars. But that was after the deal was settled and before he learned that the fleece was inside the king of Corinth's castle. Auto sighed and drained the mug, then signaled to the barmaid for another. Maybe he was over-reacting. The new king was after all only a boy, and more than likely had no idea how to properly guard his castle. Besides, he had been in that castle before, albeit a few years ago, and knew the locations of several secret passageways that would make the theft a piece of cake.

Three hours later saw the sun setting behind the castle, banners still dancing in the wind. Auto had staked out a small spot in shadows where he could watch the guards without detection. What seemed like an eternity passed as he noted the placement of the guards and how often they changed. Finally, he stood up just as the guards on this part of the wall left. He only had five minutes to get to the other side before the next guard walked by. Plucking his grappling hook out of his back pocket, he deftly tossed it over the wall and, quick as one of Zeus' lightning bolts, climbed the rope and dropped down onto the other side of the wall and went into the castle.


The sign had a human's palm made out of neon light. Nice he thought, slightly amused. He was still wondering what might have possessed Liz to recommend him here when he knocked on the door.

A woman with long frizzy brown hair and a silver necklace greeted him. I am Madam Vivian. What can I do for you? she asked.

Ive come to have my fortune read. Max wasnt sure why he was there, but it was too late to back out now.

Come in, Come in. the woman said, moving from the doorway to let Max enter. She led him into a back room with a circular table in the center and two chairs on opposite sides of the table. In the center there was a small holder, for a crystal ball Max supposed. He sat in one seat and Madame Vivian sat in the other chair after dimming the lights slightly.

Max watched silently as the woman reverently took out a spherical object covered in a dark-colored velvet cloth. She pulled off the cloth and placed a transparent crystal ball in the small stand on the table. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and began murmuring in a strange language. Her hands began to move over the crystal, never touching it, but just drifting. Max was about to roll his eyes when he noticed something. The crystal ball wasnt clear anymore. What looked like smoke wisps were floating around inside it. Must be some sort of trick he thought, but watched more closely now. As the smoke thickened, he thought he could almost see a picture of a dark-haired man wearing green with some sort of gold rug rolled up under his arm, swinging by a rope from tree to tree away from a city. He couldve sworn that he heard a small voice call Yodeleheehoooooooooooooooooooooooo!"

Before he could ask the woman about it, the image faded and another appeared. Two men fighting, one short with curly blond hair and brown leather pants, the other tall with very short dark hair and black leather pants, neither man wearing a shirt. Instead of fierce expressions on their faces, Max was surprised to see both men smiling and talking as they fought with long wooden staffs. He looked at the woman and jumped when her eyes snapped open and her gaze was glued to the crystal. He almost didnt catch her voice, it was so soft.

"A storm is brewing."


Come on, Jase. You can get more than a week off from your kingly duties, cant you? Iolaus said as he tried an over head chop at the King of Corinths head with a practice staff.

Jason promptly blocked Iolaus attack and made a swipe towards Iolaus unprotected stomach, but the ex-thief brought down his staff and blocked it. Jason quickly reversed his blow, turning in an 360 degree circle to hit Iolaus knees, but Iolaus anticipated than and did a flip over Jasons head and landed behind him. Their staffs met again and Jason replied, I was lucky to get a week off. I thought it would be fun to be king, but now theres less time to even see you and Herc, much less go on adventures like we used to.


That night Jason lay awake in his old cot, going over in his mind the events of the day. He remembered what he had said to Iolaus during training, and was shocked to realize depressing he had sounded. When had he forgotten how much his people needed him, or the horrors that had befallen them during the brief time that Ares had been on the throne while Jason, Herc, and Iolaus searched for the golden fleece. Thank the gods that that quest had been successful it had been the first piece of proof that Jason was able to rule as a good king, young though he was.

"KING JASON! KING JASON!" a male voice rang out through the academy dorm.

Jason jumped out of his cot and was nearly knocked off his feet by the youth that was barreling through the hallways in Corinthian colors. The messenger skidded to a stop and gasped as he tried to catch his breath, The gasp Golden Fleece gasp its been gasp stolen!

Jasons eyes widened. If this was true, then his kingdom was in danger. He knew that any of the surrounding kingdoms might attack at any time, but the fleece and the knowledge of what Jason had been through to get it kept the peace. But letting the fleece get stolen would be just the provocation another king might need to declare war. Afraid to delay for a moment, Jason hastily scribbled out a letter for his friends and left it on his cot. Come on. He told the messenger, You can tell me the rest on the way back to Corinth.


This is strange Vivian thought to herself. *Ive rarely had a reading so clear. What do these pictures mean? * She continued watching. The crystal only showed the two boys fighting for a moment, not the image was fading. Vivian sighed as the crystal began to dim. She had really hoped for more explanation. Suddenly, white symbols began scrolling across the surface of the crystal. Vivian grabbed a piece of paper and a pen and began scribbling out the symbols. When the crystal finally dimmed, Vivian noticed that she had a paragraph full of Greek letters.


s s, s
s s
s s

s, !

Sirel was the first person Vivian thought of. The woman had been a whiz at anything Greek, and Vivian was sure that she would help this boy out. Here. She said, giving the sheet of Greek words to the boy.

What is this? he asked.

Vivian sighed, I dont know. But I know someone who will. She took another sheet of paper and wrote down the last address for Sirel. Here. This should be her address. Shell be able to help you.

Regency Apartments
4521 Oak Tree Ave. Apt # 289


A tall teenage male poked his head around the corner, a few strands of shaggy blond hair falling into his eyes. No candles had been lit yet, as he wanted to surprise the guy sleeping. Its clear. He whispered, and began to tiptoe around the corner.

Another cadet, shorter with curly blond hair followed. Its not like Jason to sleep in. Iolaus whispered.

Hercules shrugged, Give Jase a break. With a kingdom to run, sleeping in must be a rare luxury. Both boys approached the cot with caution, and it was so dark that they had to be careful not to trip over anything. Stopping a few feet away from the bed, they both shouted, SURPRISE, JASON! and began to laugh. Their laughter quickly died down as they noticed that no reaction had issued from the cot. Iolaus lit the candles nearby and revealed that the only occupant the cot had was a lonely piece of paper. Fearing that perhaps Ares had kidnapped the king of Corinth or some other such dastardly deed had been done, Hercules snatched it from the bed and began to read aloud:


To Hercules and Iolaus;
Im sorry to have to cut my vacation
short, but I just received terrible news
from Corinth. I must return immediately
to try and handle the situation.

King of Corinth


Sometimes Iolaus could almost read Hercs mind. This seemed like one of those times. Did you want to walk or borrow Academy horses? he asked his best friend.

Hercules thought aloud, It must have been big for him to leave right away.

And if its so big, then he might need help. Iolaus prompted.

If he needs help, we should get there as fast as possible. Hercules continued.

And if we need to get there fast, we should probably borrow Academy horses. Iolaus prompted again. So you go and clear it with Cheiron, and Ill get the horses ready.


_Two eighty-three...two eighty-five...two eighty-seven..._ Max counted silently as he walked down the hallway of the apartment building, _Ah. Two eighty-nine. _ Taking a deep breath, he knocked thrice on the door.

Max didn't have long to wait before the door opened a crack and a girl looked at him through the slit. One dark blue eye regarding him, half-hidden under strands of blue and black hair obscuring her face. "Yeah?" she asked, and from the sound of her voice and what he could see of her, he guessed she was only about eighteen.

Confused, he glanced down at the sheet in his hand. _Sirel...Apt. # 289..._ *This is the woman that Madame Vivan sent me to? * A silence stretched out between the two as they each waited for the other to speak. Finally the girl lifted her eyebrow in an annoyed expression and shook her head slightly as if to say, 'Well?'

Max said, "Im sorry to bother you. I am looking Sirel."


"You found her," Gordon replied, opening the door wide enough that the boy could see her face. Im Gordon Sirel, Greek Extraordinare. How can I help you?" *where have I seen his face before? * she wondered.

She said you could help me with finding out what spell the boy was going to continue but she cut him off. *the word spell should have tipped me off. Time for cover story #12. The one I heard every time my mom gets hassled by the young men*


The girls voice took on an air of authority. "Look, I told you kids that Im not doing them anymore. I don't care how much money you have or how tragic the situation is, the answer is no."

"What are you talking about?" Max was starting to doubt the wiseness of his trip, but he was here now so he mineswell find out what was going on.

"You want me to cast a love spell, right?" Gordon accused, "Sorry. Im not making them anymore. So just get over the girl 'cause she's never gonna fall for you." She started to close the door but he stuck his foot in the way.

"It's not like that..." he started to explain.

"Fine." Gordon rolled her eyes, He is never going to fall for you. Happy?" She tried to force the door closed.

"No." he said, "I didn't come here for a love spell."

The girl's eyes widened in surprise, "You didn't?" Suspicion filled her features, "Then what did you come here for?"

"Madame Vivian recommended you."


Gordon froze as she realized who the boy standing in front of her was. Before she had learned about her godhood, before she had accidentally traveled to the past and learned who her parents were, she had been an avid fan of the TV show Roswell. How could she have not recognized him? Another thought exploded in her mind. She had a bunch of the Roswell book series on her shelf! If he should find them Gordon quickly got rid of that danger by teleporting those books to her bedroom. Then she smiled as she opened the door wide. "Vivian sent you? Well why didn't you say so in the first place? Come in, come in. Me casa est su casa and all that stuff."


The door opened, revealing a tall girl in a dark blue shirt and black jeans. She had long black and blue hair that reached to her waist and he guessed she was about eighteen. Yet, despite her youth, there was something in her countenance to suggest that she had lived a very, very long time. As Max walked into the apartment, he took a look around. There were a few framed paintings on the wall... he recognized Echo and Narcissus by John William Waterhouse and "Ophelia" by Arthur from the European catalogs his mother got in the mail. On the walls was a cloud wallpaper, but unlike anything he had ever seen. The sky was a soft cerulean and the clouds were navy blue, edged in light lavender. But the walls could hardly be seen since there were so many shelves all over the room crammed full of books and small sculptures. There was a large overstuffed old brown leather couch and two matching chairs, one of the chairs having a round white fur pillow. The girl motioned to the furniture, "Have a seat. Can I get you something to drink? Would you like water, juice, coffee, or maybe a soda? I just got some cherry coke this morning."

"Um, a cherry coke sounds good."

"Cherry coke it is. I'll be right back. Make yourself at home." The girl smiled and disappeared into an adjacent room. Max wandered over to one of the bookshelves and let his gaze flow across the authors.

_...Piers Anthony...Anne McCaffery...Bruce Coville...Annette Curtis Klause..._ There were also many books on Greek myths, witchcraft, vampires, dream interpreting, mermaids, dragons, cats, and various other subjects, all arranged in sections. Max smiled a bit when he got to the alien section, noting Atherton's "Among Us" on the shelf. That was funny there was an empty section on the shelf, like someone had removed several books and had not put them back. He quickly cast his gaze around at the other bookshelves, but there was no other similar empty space. Strange.

Max plucked Atherton's book off the shelf and flipped through to the back cover flap, where there was a picture of Atherton standing in front of a geodesic dome. It was the same geodesic dome that Michael had dreams about last year, the dome that he, Michael, Isabel, Maria, and Liz had broken into last year as well. Thinking of Liz brought back the dull pain, and he put the book back on the shelf. It had been over a month since he had walked in on her and Kyle in bed together, but the pain of her betrayal still hurt. It had started to go away, as he got used to seeing her. He had thought he might have been over the pain in New York, but then he saw her and she saved his life... and things were complicated after that. They were 'friends' now, but the pain still ached whenever he thought of her.

Trying to change his train of thought, Max examined the small objects on the shelves. There was a small clay bowl with a greek box design around the center that was filled with various semi-precious stones, a few of them the kind that had words engraved on them. There were a sculpture of a man and woman embracing on a rock, little gargoyles here and there, and several egyptian and greek related statues.

Just then the girl came back in the room. "You like sci-fi and fantasy stuff?" she asked, handing him the can of soda and then sitting in the chair without the fur pillow.

"A little." he replied. _I bet my life qualifies as sci-fi_ he thought.

He headed over to the other chair and was about to sit when the girl said, "Watch out for Zan."

Zan. That was the name Ava had called his duplicate. His own name in his previous life. Wondering weather it was just a coincidence, Max looked around the room for this 'Zan', but there was no one else in the room. He shot her a curious look, and she gestured towards the chair. He looked down in time to see the white pillow start to move. Startled, he froze, and then relaxed as the white mound of fur revealed itself to be a cat.

"Come, Zandro." the girl spoke, motioning to the feline. Zan slowly got to his feet and looked at Max for a moment before jumping down from the chair, only to jump onto the girl's lap and curl up as she stroked his fur.

Max took the now vacated seat, opened the can of soda, and took a long swallow. This visit was getting creepier and creepier. "So," he said, "Where'd you come up with the name Zan?"

Oh, she answered, rubbing the cat behind it's ears, "I got it from a Katherine Kerr book. The name was Zandro but I call him Zan."

Ah. Max replied. *So it is just a coincidence. * he thought silently.


Jason was sitting in his throne, trying desperately not to put his face in his hands and breakdown. The reports were still coming in, but they were all the same. Nothing. Every lead had been checked. Nothing. None of the guards had known that the fleece was gone until it was too late, and no suspicious people had been lurking around. He had been lucky in the fact that as soon as his trusted advisor, Ophistus, had learned of the disappearance, he had tightened security. After sending the messenger to Jason, he had not let another murmur about it leave the castle. Jason was thankful, for if even a rumor about the fleeces theft had leaked out, he was sure that he would already have a war declaration from an outside kingdom. Just then the doors to the throne room opened and Hercules and Iolaus walked in. Jason managed a weak smile for them and waved everyone else from the room.

Once the doors closed, Jason asked, What are you guys doing here?

Iolaus smiled in return, We thought that you might need help with whatever mysterious yet deeply important situation threatened your kingdom. Herc also smiled at his choice of words. That is, of course, if you care to tell us what the situation is.

Jason thought briefly about sending his friends away, but thought better of it. Many of the things that had happened since he knew Hercules had happened because of Ares, Discord, or Strifes meddling. Having Hercules around could be a valuable asset. Plus, Hercules always had a plan, and could be depended of to figure out this mess. And then there was the fact that both Iolaus and Hercules had been with him when he got the Golden Fleece, so they deserved to know what happened. The Golden Fleece was stolen.

The smiled on Iolaus and Hercules faces dropped and they stared at Jason. The Golden Fleece? Iolaus repeated. As in the golden fleece that heals all wounds? The golden fleece that Herc had to defeat a giant to get? That golden fleece? Jason nodded morosely.

When did this happen? Hercules asked quietly.

Jason sighed, Last night.

Do you have any leads? Iolaus said.

None that sound promising. Jason replied. He wasnt sure how to ask his friends for help. Luckily, Hercules caught on.

Well, I guess that leaves Iolaus and I to look for clues. Herc said, smiling to try and lighten the mood. Jason looked at them, a genuine hopeful smile touching his mouth. Thanks, you guys.

No prob. Iolaus shrugged. Come on Herc. Wed better start investigating before the trail gets cold.


"So," Gordon said after she had sipped her soda, "How can I help you? It must be something big for Vivian to send you to me."

Max pulled the paper with the greek letters from his pocket and held it out to her. "She was reading my fortune in a crystal ball and she saw this." Gordon leaned forward and took the paper, unfolded it, and read it, stroking the cat absently. "What does it say?" Max asked, curious.

She looked up, and dark blue eyes pierced him as she considered him for a moment. Max met her gaze and stared back, and she finally blinked and smiled. "This is a very powerful spell, designed to alter time and space in order for an exchange of beings." She tilted her head and watched him. "It seems that both yourself and someone else need you to travel soon... Your Highness."

Max stared at her. "How do you know that? Who are you?"

"Allow me to introduce myself. I am Gordon," the girl replied, "Goddess of Involuntary Transportation."

To be continued...

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