The Race

The Race

By Bryn Ensomhet

Rating: G
Disclaimer: I have no association with Fox Kids, USA Studios, and whatever else in charge of Young Hercules. I am making no money from this story.
Summary: A Young Hercules ABC story.
Author's Note: An ABC story is a story written with 26 sentences, each one starting with the next letter of the alphabet.

"All set? On your marks...go!" Xander shouted and threw a peice of cloth in the air.

Before the cloth could land, the four cadets were racing off.

Causing little dust swirls to rise, Hercules took the lead in the race, followed by Iolaus, Lilith, and Jason.

Daringly, Iolaus jumped over the branches on the ground and got ahead of Hercules.

Eventually, though, Iolaus tripped over some branches and fell right in front of Herc.

Falling over Iolaus, Hercules hit the ground rolling, but got to his feet again quickly.

"Good going, guys" Lilith laughed, already passing them and obtaining the lead, with Hercules hot on her heels.

"Help." Iolaus cried weakly from amid the branches, "I've fallen and I can't get up."

"I'll help." Jason said, grabbing Iolaus' hand and pulling.

Jason wasn't surprised that Iolaus had sprained his ankle.

"Keep going, Jase." Iolaus said, "I'll make it back to the academy fine."

Limping slightly, Iolaus slowly walked after the three disappearing cadets.

"Maybe this turtle will beat the three hares in the race today." Iolaus said, smiling to himself as he took a shortcut through the woods.

Nearby, Herc and Lilith were neck and neck, with Jason a pace behind them.

"Open up for the King!" Jason yelled and ran past the two cadets.

"Please." Lilith shouted, sprinting to pass him.

"Quiet! Can't you see I'm trying to run?" Herc said, catching up to him.

"Relax." Jason advised, "Be cool."

Snorting, Lilith laughed at how wrong that sounded...All three of them were hot and sweating!

Thinking about how strange his friends were, Herc sprinted ahead of them.

Up ahead, the finish line was coming into view, and all three cadets were amazed to see Iolaus limping up ahead of them.

"Very well then." Herc said, and raced as fast as he could.

With a gasp from the crowd of cadets watching the race, Hercules passed the finish line half a second before Iolaus.

Xander shouted, "And Hercules is the winner!"

"You won!" Iolaus exclaimed, surprised and dismayed.

"Zero for you, one for me." Herc said, grinning. "That means you buy me lunch." and off they went.

The End

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