A Touch of Sizzle: Young Hercules Episode Transcripts

Welcome to A Touch of Sizzle, Bryn's page for Young Hercules episode transcripts. Standard disclaimers apply. The pictures used are from YHWO with permission from HBKid. I try to get these as close to the real script as possible, but if I have made a mistake, *please* e-mail me so I can fix it. Thanx.

The Treasure of Zeus I
Between Friends
What a Crockery
Herc and Seek
Down and Out in Academy Hills
Girl Trouble
Teachers Pests
Inn Trouble
Keeping Up With the Jasons
Amazon Grace
Cyrano de Hercules
Battle Lines I
Battle Lines II
No Way Out
Ares on Trial
Winner Take All
A Serpent's Tooth
Lure of the Lyre
Lyre Liar
A Lady in Hades
The Mysteries of Life
Dad Always Liked Me Best
Herc's Nemesis
Cold Feet
Mommy Dearest
In Your Dreams
The Golden Bow
Home for the Holidays
Con Ares
Get Jason
My Fair Lilith
Hind Sight
The Head That Wears a Crown
Me, Myself, and Eye
The Skeptic
Iolaus Goes Stag
Adventures in the Forbidden Zone
The Prize posted 7/24/01
The Beasts Beneath
Parents Day
A Life for a Life
Under Siege
Ill Wind
Valley of the Shadow

Disclaimer: I don't own Young Hercules. No infringement intended, I just thought it would be nice if someone had a transcript, that way if you thought you were forgetting an episode that you didn't get on tape, you could come here and read it. I have all the episodes on tape, so eventually all the transcripts will be here. I'm sorry it's taking so long for them to be written, but they do take a long time to write out. The YHWO is being re-built, so if you know another place where I can get pics of the episodes, please e-mail me with the url. Thanx.

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