The Young & The Hercless - Closing Credits

The Young & The Hercless

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Bryn's Note: Thanks to the wonders of the WayBack Archive, I was able to get the first thirteen chapters. If anybody knows where the newest site is, or where new chapters are, please let me know!

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Closing Credits

(or at least how we imagine them)

Disclaimer: No teddy bears were harmed in the making of this episode. They would also like it to be known that they are not afraid of the dark.

Shannon Conrad

Nicole Conrad

Chris Aeson
Chris Conrad

Ryan Hercless
Ryan Gosling

Dean Gordon
Dean O'Gorman

Widow Twanky
Edith Sidebottom

Ted O'Neill
Ted Raimi

Renee O'Neill
Renee O'Connor

Kevin Dimira
Kevin Sorbo

Lilith Alamain
Jodie Rimmer

Falafel the Great

Bruce Campbell

Joel Tobeck

Mieghan Desmond

Hudson Leick

Uncle Sal
Robert Trebor

Alexandra Tydings

Dr. Angela McInnes
Angela Dotchin

Lucy Lawless


Cousin Wiley
Seth Green

Willard and Wally
As Themselves

Written, Produced, Directed, Casted by (and any other stuff we forgot to mention):
Nicole and Shannon

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