Night Walker

Night Walker

By Angel


Jenna is a normal teenage girl. She has lots of friends, has a B average in school, nothing's wrong really. Jenna has light brown and blond hair. She also has one green eye and one blue eye. In a big perspective, you could say Jenna is an average girl. However, like most teenagers, Jenna's always fighting with her parents. One day it's because her music is too loud, the other is because she's been out too late. This is were her story begins, on a late Monday night. A night which was supposed to be like any other.

Jenna slammed the door to her room and looked back at it with angry eyes.

- I hate you!

She cried, reffering to her parents. Jenna then threw herself on her bed and sobbed. Another fight, another tear shead.

The moonlight poured in the room, comforting Jenna. After a moment, Jenna raised her head to the satelite.

- I whish I could find my real home.

She whispered with a note of sadness in her voice. Jenna then stuffed her face back in her pillow, falling asleep.

Hours passed before a bright light invaded Jenna's room, waking her up. She looked around, wondering what was going on.

- What the...

She mumbled, still half asleep. Jenna walked to her window and saw a hole in her backyard.

- That wasn't there this morning.

She said to herself. Feeling curiosity invade her mind, Jenna ran out to see what was the deal. As she arrived to the spot, Jenna slowly looked in the hole and saw some kind of necklace.

She took it out of the hole to look at the jewel from a closer view. But it was too dark. Therefore, Jenna brought the treasure to the moonlight and saw some kind of writting on it.

- Guide me threw the hole of time?

She said out loud. Suddenly, strong wind started to blow around Jenna. Storm clouds built over her head. Jenna looked around, startled by the events. She tried to run away. But the force of the wind pulled her back. Jenna looked up at the sky and saw a rip in the sky. Before she knew it, Jenna was pulled up, into the hole. Jenna went threw a tunnel of confusion, into another tunnel of unconscious.


A young future King named Jason was in his trone room, listening to some petitioner speak their mind.

- Sir, there has been a rash of mysterious murders near town. Your people are starting to worry.

One of the petitiners said. Jason looked at him clueless on what to say.

- You say the murders happen at night?

He asked. The man nodded.

- It's simple, set a curfew for sun down.

He claimed. Jason then looked out the window. At the same moment, his two friends, Hercules and Iolas, came in the room.

- Hey Jas, ready to go?

Hercules asked. However, Jason raised his hand to silence him.

In the sky, a hole opened. Jason observed the scene as he saw some kind of thing fall from it. Jason turned to his friends.

- Did you see that?

He asked.

- Yeah...Saw what?

Iolas asked.

- That thing that fell from the sky.

Jason replied. Hercules looked out to see the view of the kingdom.

- I don't see a thing.

He claimed.

- I know I saw something.

Jason insisted. Iolas place his hand on Jason's shoulder.

- You know what? You've been working too hard. How about we go out, practice our target with the archery.

He suggested. Jason weakly nodded his head.

- Sure, why not...

He simply replied.


Jenna opened her eyes to see a clear blue sky and some trees. Not at all the scenery she last saw. She sat up and realized she was in the middle of a forest.

- Where am I?

Jenna asked herself. The sound of birds signing was all she heard. Jenna brought her hand to her head, feeling a slight pain.

- I gotta get out of here...

She whispered. Then, taking her courage in hand, Jenna got up and started to walk around, not really knowing where to go.

- This is not a vacation that I'm enjoying.

Jenna mumbled as she brushed away some branches. After hours of walking, Jenna ended up nowhere. However, she started to hear some voices. But, she wasn't sure if it was in her head.

- Finally, some civilization.

She sighed. Therefore, Jenna started to walk in the direction of the voices. The closer she got, the more distinct the sounds became. Finally, as Jenna creeped up behind a bush to see who she was hearing, surprise was painted on her face. She saw three guys, shooting some arrows. What suprised her mostly was how they were dressed.

- Did I land near a freak show or something?

Jenna asked herself in a confused voice. However, deep in her mind, Jenna thought that they were still cute. Especially the one with the short brown hair. Thinking about the brown haired boy made a small smile appear by the corner of Jenna's mouth.

Before she could get some help, Jenna saw an arrow coming straight for her. As she saw it, Jenna only had time to let out a loud sharp cry.


As Iolas' arrow disappeared in the bushes, the trio heard some kind of a cry.

- Great going Iolaus, you hit a living thing.

Jason claimed, laughing at his friend.

- Let's check it out!

Hercules suggested.

- Yeah, might be something cool.

Iolaus joined in. However, Jason was unsure.

- I don't know guys, it might be a wild animal or something.

He protested.

- What are you, scared?

Iolaus asked in a mocking voice.

- Come on, whatever it is, it's hurt.

Hercules protested.

- Hey Jas, I dare you to go check first.

Iolaus claimed. Jason agreed to the challenge and started to walk to the bush in question.

- It could be anything. A tiger, a wolf, a lion...or even a snake.

Iolaus started, trying to make Jason nervous.

- A snake?

Hercules asked. Iolaus shrugged.

- What? It's a wild animal.

He replied. Jason bent over the bushg and saw what his friend had hit. He then turned back to his two companions.

- How about you try a girl!

He cried out.

- Or it could be a girl...

Iolaus continued.

- A what? Did you say "a girl"?

He asked, realizing what it was. The two guys went to join Jason and looked at the girl with surprised eyes. When she saw the three boys, looking down at her, the girl waved to them, and they waved back.

- Uh..Hi?

She said in a little voice.

- Hi.

They replied in a monotone voice.

- Are you alright?

Jason asked. Jenna moved slightly, but quickly stopped, because of the pain.

- Oh yeah, I'm fine. Getting hit by an arrow is an everyday thing for me.

She replied.

- Really? Why?

Iolaus asked. Jenna looked at him as if he were from another planet.

- I was sarcastic.

She replied.

- Oh, sorry.

Hercules claimed.

- Look, I'd love to stay here and chit-chat. But, this arrow is sort of hurting me...a lot.

Jenna exclaimed. With that said, the trio helped Jenna to the castle. After extracting the arrow from her shoulder, Jason, Iolaus and Hercules patched Jenna up.

- I could really go for some pain killer right now.

Jenna said in pain. Jason and the others looked at Jenna with confused expressions on their faces.

- What?

Iolaus asked.

- Pain killers. You know, little pills that stops pain.

Jenna replied. However, as hard as Jenna tried to explain, the more confused they got.

Therefore, Jenna stopped to think. She looked at her surroundings, the way the guys were dressed and what she said before the storm, it was obvious what was going on.

- No way...

She whispered to herself.

- No way what?

Jason asked.

- I'm not from around here you see, I'm from...the ummmmm, future.

Jenna claimed.


- You mean, you traveled threw time?

Hercules cried, baffled by what Jenna said. On the other hand, Jenna nodded.

- You're kidding. You actually traveled threw time? Was it fun?

Iolas asked. Jenna looked at him as if he were from another planet.

- How did you do it?

Jason asked.

- Well, there was that amulet...

Jenna started. She then tried to search for the amulet, but couldn't find it.

- Oh no...

She whispered in a voice filled with panic.

- What's wrong?

Jason asked.

- Um, the amulet, I lost it. Without the amulet, I can't get back home.

Jenna exclaimed.

- We'll help you find it. Were is the last place you were?

Hercules asked. Jenna walked to a window, followed by the three guys. She pointed outside, to the forest.

- Okay, that narrows it down.

Iolaus claimed.

- I got an idea. We could split up. It will cover more ground.

Hercules suggested. Everyone agreed. Thereupon, Hercules and Iolaus went their way, while Jenna and Jason went the opposite side.


Jason and Jenna were walking in the forest, looking for the amulet.

- So, what are you going to do after we find the amulet?

Jason asked. Jenna shrugged.

- I don't know, take a shower, watch Tv. 20th century stuff.

She replied. Jason nodded.

- Why do you ask?

Jenna then asked.

- Well, I thought you could stay a while. You know, so we could get to know each other.

Jason replied.

- Speaking of getting to know each other, I didn't catch your name.

Jenna said.

- It's Jason, and you?

He asked.

- Jenna.

She replied. After that, silence came over them. They continued their search, making small talk once in a while.

When Jenna and Jason reached a cliff, they saw the sun starting to set.

- It's beautiful.

Jenna exclaimed. Jason, who was looking at Jenna smiled.

- Yeah, you are.

He replied, in a dreamy voice. Jenna turned to Jason with a stunned face.

- What did you say?

Jenna asked.

- Um, nothing...We should head back to the castle, see if the others had any chance.

Jason babbled, turning his back to Jenna. Instead of over-reacting, Jenna grabbed Jason's shoulder, making him face her. A little smile was painted on her face. Slowly, she started to bend over for a kiss. However, just as their lips were about to lock, Jenna stopped.

- What's wrong?

Jason asked, thinking he did something wrong.

- Did you hear that?

She asked.

- Hear what?

Jason asked. Jenna looked around.

- It sounded like someone in the bushes or something.

She eplained. Jason walked to the direction Jenna was looking. He slowly approached the bush.

- There's nothing here!

He cried, looking back at Jenna. Suddenly, Jenna's face froze. Her eyes grew wide and her skin became pale.

- Now what?

Jason asked in a worried voice. Jenna pointed behind him.

- Behind you!

She managed to cry. Just as Jenna said so, a pair of arms grabbed Jason from behind. Then, a group of people came out of the forest. Jenna looked at them with terrified eyes.

- Guess it's time to put those kickboxing lessons to use.

She mumbled to herself. Instantly, Jenna engaged in combat. She was fighting off her attackers with style. However, as Jenna finished one off, another one hit her, taking Jenna by surprise. She landed on her back, with the person on top of her.

When Jenna looked up, she was horrified by their faces. The person was in a state of decomposition. The guy's eyeball fell out of it's socket.

- Oh, that's gross.

Jenna cried. She then closed her eyes, disgusted by the view. After a second, Jenna felt the weight of the zombie leave. She opened her eyes and saw Jason, smiling at her.

- Thanks.

Jenna cheered as she got up. Jason extended his hand to help Jenna. After so, Jason and Jenna got knocked up over the head, causing them to both loose consciousness.


When Jenna woke up, she felt a sharp pain to her head. She brought her hand to her head and felt a stronger pain.

- Ouch.

She claimed, trying to hide the pain in her voice. Jenna then scanned the room and saw Jason, still unconscious. Jenna crawled to him and saw his arm was cut. Jenna ripped a piece of her shirt and wrapped it around Jason's arm. As she tied the cloth, Jason woke up.

- What happened?

He asked.

- Not much, we got kidnapped by a bunch of zombies that can't keep their eyes to themself.

She replied. Jason risked a giggle.

- What's a zombie?

He asked.

- Dead people who won't stay dead.

Jenna explained. Then, a couple of dead guys came along.

- Oh. Now that I have a second look at them, they really do look like their dead.

Jason claimed. The zombies grabbed Jenna and Jason. They dragged the two to another room. There, Jenna saw a whole army of zombies. However, as Jenna looked around, she saw one person that didn't look dead. In fact, he looked just as alive as she was.

- Well, well. Two more candidates for my army.

The reject guy said.

- What are you talking about?

Jason asked. Jenna bent closer to Jason.

- I think this guy has been hanging around dead people a little too long.

She whispered.

- Silence! No one speaks, unless I say so.

The guy cried.

- Who do you think you are?

Jenna asked. The man snorted.

- I am Ganty. The next ruler of the world.

He claimed in a glorious voice.

- What do you plan to do? Throw a tea party with all your stinky friends?

Jenna asked in a sarcastic voice. Ganty's eyes fired up. He rose his hand and hit Jenna across her face. Jenna looked back at Ganty. At the same time, Jason threw himself on the guy, however, Ganty's zombie guards stopped him.

- With my little friends, I can trample over any kingdom I want. The only down side is, they can only fight at night.

Ganty explained.

- You know, I always wondered why bad guys always reveal their plans, it's so stupid.

Jenna claimed. Ganty shook his head.

- Well, as part of my army, you'll need to know the plan.

He replied. Jenna shrugged.

- Yeah right.

She mumbled.

- You're insolence is trying my patience!

Ganty cried.

- I'm never going to surrender my kingdom to you!

Jason cried. Ganty snorted.

- You're not going to surrender it...You are going to hand it to me.

He claimed. With anger, Jason took out his sword and engaged in combat.

- Warriors, attack!

Ganty cried. At that word, Jason and Jenna started to fight with the zombies again. Jason was fighting well and Ganty knew it. Therefore, when Jenna was least expecting it, Ganty grabbed her from behind.

- Jason!

Jenna cried out. Jason stopped fighting and looked at Jenna's direction.

- Not one more move, or the girl gets it!

Ganty cried.

- Let her go!

Jason cried. Jenna struggled to get free, but Ganty's arms were too strong. Therefore, Jenna wrapped her hands around Ganty's head.

- Ganty, you're too tense. You need to relax.

Jenna cried. She then twisted Ganty's head. A loud crack was heard and the bad guy fell to the ground.

- Oops. I guess I twisted too hard.

Jenna claimed. Jason ran to her.

- Are you okay?

He asked in a concerned voice. Jenna smiled to him. Taking a risk, Jenna leaned over for a kiss.

- Never better.

She replied.


As Jason and Jenna arrived to the castle, they saw Hercules and Iolaus, waiting for them.

- Where have you guys been?

Hercules asked in a concerned voice.

- Nothing much. We simply fought off a pack of zombies. The everyday thing.

Jenna claimed. The two guys looked at her with lost faces.

- Never mind.

Jason replied.

- Well, the good news is, we found your amulet!

Iolaus cheered. Jenna smiled and gave Iolaus a hug.

- Thanks!

She cheered back.

- So you'll be going home now?

Jason asked. Jenna nodded.

- I don't have a choice. I have to get back home before my mom gets angry.

She claimed. Jason nodded of comprehension.

- I'll miss you.

He claimed. Jenna stood stunned. Then, a smile appeared on her face. Jenna threw her arms around Jason's neck and gave him the most passion filled kiss she's ever given a guy. When they broke the kiss, Jason stood, overwelmed by the kiss. Jenna simply smiled.

- I wish there were more guys like you back at home.

She said. Then, without another word, Jenna disappeared in another storm. Jason watched her leave with sadness.

- Goodbye...

He heard in the wind.


When Jenna woke up, she was lying in her bed. When she saw her room, Jenna looked around, confused.

- Was it all a dream?

She asked herself. Hearing her mother call from downstairs, Jenna changed her cloths and went down for brakfast, leaving her ripped shirt behind...

The End


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